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Professional 3d Imaging for businesses and consumers

Northeast 3D brings decades of experience in the building and imaging trades together.

For over 25 years, owner Steve Petrie has worked in the construction industry, specializing in high end residential projects. Having spent a large part of his career documenting, drawing, and 3D modeling structures, Steve decided to open Northeast 3D to share the technologies and skills he has developed over his career with others in the industry.

At Northeast-3D we have scanned and documented over 2 million square feet of spaces. Having scanned everything from simple retail and real estate listings, to complex university spaces, construction sites, insurance claims, and pharmaceutical clean rooms, we are capable of handling all your project documentation needs.

Steve is a member of the Western MA AIA(American Institute of Architects),a certified Matterport Service Provider, and an FAA licensed drone operator.

Architects, Contractors, Facilities Managers, and Realtors can all benefit from the latest 3D and VR technologies. Our scans provide you with an easy and affordable way to document, measure, and remotely collaborate in spaces with multiple parties.

There is simply no better way to visually experience your space.

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Locations We Serve:

Lenox Matterport Service Provider
Stockbridge Matterport Photographer
Lee Matterport 3D scans
Pittsfield Matterport for real estate
Williamstown 3d property scan
Great Barrington Matterport 3d walkthrough
Berkshire County Matterport floor plans
Columbia County real estate photography
Hudson Matterport 3d
Chatham 3d real estate camera
Saratoga Matterport Service Provider
Albany Matterport Service Provider
Capital District Matterport Service Provider
Boston Matterport Service Provider
NYC Matterport Service Provider
Manhattan Matterport Service Provider

Services We Provide:

Matterport Existing conditions survey
Matterport Existing conditions scan
Matterport Existing building survey
Matterport Architectural Survey
Matterport 3D building scans
Matterport 3D building surveys
Matterport Laser building scans
Matterport 3D building services
3D Construction documentation
Matterport MEP mapping
Matterport 3D virtual tours
Matterport 3D real estate tours
Matterport 3D home tours
Matterport VR house tours
Real estate photography
Real estate virtual tours
Step by step virtual tours